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BEMER for Better Health

Why is Blood Flow Important?

Every cell and tissue in our bodies is supplied by the blood. More specifically, the oxygen and nutrients carried in the blood. Proper blood flow is essential because it helps tissues and organs get the nutrients they need and help to flush out toxins and waste products.

Impaired blood flow could lead to all kinds of symptoms, including pain, headaches, cramping, neurological signs, slower healing, diminished detoxification, numbness/tingling, and much more!

Activating Microvessels

About 74% of the circulatory system is made up of microvessels, not arteries and veins. This is critical because most blood flow issues originate in these tiny vessels. The BEMER device uses specific frequencies to activate the tiny vessels and improve the blood flow.

Please watch the fun, short video above to learn more! Click here to learn more about BEMER!

Doctor Robinson with doctor berka

Meet Dr. Berka

Dr. Berka is a Board Certified Naturopath with a focus primarily in family medicine, including advanced approaches for treating acute and chronic disease, as well as alternative and complementary cancer treatments and pain management. Dr Berka uses a functional medicine approach, integrating both eastern and western medicine into clinical practice.

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