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New Patients

Man extending hand for handshakeWelcome to Fundamental Health! Our friendly and energetic practice is the ideal place to embark on your healing journey. Our focus is on you and your needs.

The First Visit

We can provide the necessary paperwork ahead of time so you can fill it out it at home and bring it in completed. We also ask that you please bring an ID and your insurance card.

You’ll then meet with Dr. Robinson who will ask what’s brought you in or what you’re having trouble with. He’ll gather essential information from you. Next, you can expect the following:

  • In-depth patient consultation
  • A comprehensive exam
  • Range of motion orthopedic testing
  • A postural assessment
  • A foot scan
  • X-rays of the primary complaint

If you complete your paperwork in advance, this appointment might only take 30 minutes. The visit will be longer (45 minutes to an hour) if you choose to fill out the forms in the office. The choice is yours, however.

The Second Visit

Before you return, Dr. Robinson would have looked over your paperwork, exam findings and health goals. “I want to start connecting the dots and put everything together. I want to think about the initial plan of care.” You then will receive your first chiropractic adjustment and some form of therapy to help you get relief. Depending on what Dr. Robinson finds, he may provide you with muscle stim, ultrasound or range of motion exercises.

Please allow 45 minutes for this appointment. About half of the visit will be spent going over the doctor’s report of findings.

Regular Visits

These appointments will be shorter at about 15-30 minutes. It all depends on what your needs are and what therapies you will be receiving.

Are you ready to start feeling your best? If yes, we invite you to contact our Aurora practice today to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

New Patients | (630) 206-9002